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Thursday, May 6, 2010


My computer crashed for about a month, so sorry for not posting! Here are some updates:

Megan FrostWeaver is still in DS and hasn't beat the current game yet, all thanks to my computer crashing! She is now level 43 and has obtained Colossus, which is now her primary spell. She is also sporting some new duds. I stitched Jade Oni's Cap to my favorite hat. Megan is in the Crucible.

Kymma completed her HeckHound quest but is still level 18. I haven't been working on her lately.

Note: I deleted Terri StormForge as long as another Diviner, Ginelle. I have decided not to make a storm until Megan FrostWeaver is to GM and Kymma is to AT LEAST Marleybone.

I gave you my contact info last time but here is my email for my blog:


Feel free to contact me for meet-ups with any of my wizards(always open for new friends!), quest/farming help, podcast segments(I was recently asked to make one for a lesser known podcast, and I did, but they decided to cancel their podcast.), to ask me questions, or anything else you can think of!