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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Level 33 and Balefrost!

I finally got to level 33 and got my Baleforst aura. It has been very useful lately, although those Ronin Mutineers STILL won't give up a Jade Handle.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crimson Fields Completion! & Updates

Recently, I completed Crimson Fields. War Oni, actually, was quite easy. Megan Frostweaver is now level 32 with less than a bar to level 33! My mom joined Wizard101 as a life wizard, Marissa WaterCaster. She doesn't play much, as she is only level 2. I am frustrated beyond measure because those Ronin Mutineers don't want to give up their Jade Handles!



Monday, January 4, 2010

Where Are You? Update

Currently, Megan FrostWeaver is fighting her way around MooShu. She hopes "Moodha's" Spirit test will help her navigate her way through Crimson Fields. Hey, who ever said his test was a bunch of "hogwash"? I am hoping to bump her level up to 35 soon so that she can buy some new clothes, her current robe was dropped somewhere in Marleybone and it's a little weak against MooShu Ninja Pigs, Ronins, and Tree Spirits, not to mention those mercenaries! Ugh! I hate those mercenaries. Anyways, Megan almost made it to defeating War Oni on Sunday, but I happened to have some urgent chores to attend to. Hopefully, Megan can slink her way to War Oni again.

See Ya Later Alligators,


Meet Megan FrostWeaver!

Megan FrostWeaver is my first wizard that I have taken seriously. I came about to making her in an odd way, actually. My friend joined Wizard101 b/c I suggested it. She made an ice wizard and wanted me to also have an ice wizard. Reluctantly, I made one and named her Megan FrostWeaver. I ran around with my friend through Unicorn Way, until she made a some new wizards that I like to call "Melissa RoseSong and Co." I never really came to memorize the other's names b/c she never played them. Soon I forgot my poor first wizard, Destiney EmeraldSmith. Soon, I bought myslef a membership and sped through the rest of Wizard City and Krokotopia. Not to late after that, Megan rough-housed her way through Marleybone, just barely sliding past Meowiarty and his Wraith and Clockwork Wizard guards in Big Ben. Now she is in MooShu. Oops, I said too much, more about that later.



Hey Everyone!

This is officially my first blog! I will be telling everyone about my journeys as a wizard on Wizard 101. In case you don't have an account there, just head over to www.wizard101.com and make a wizard! Next time I will be telling you all about my wizards!

Ciao for now!,