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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Gardening is on the Test Realm. I haven't gone on to experience it too much firsthand, but if you are eligible for the Test Realm and are Level 12 or higher, get on and check it out.

Megan is still stuck in Ravenscar at level 49. She needs to defeat Frostmantle, which is seemingly to complicated for my liking. She has to defeat an ice boss and three ice minions. Not really that fun.

I haven't advanced on Kymma.

Lately in the news:
Here's a list of (the smaller) updates in November
  • All pet hatching prices have been reduced by 25%
  • Pets with Talents that cast Blades or Traps will now cast those Blades and Traps.
  • Celestia
  • The Lunar Chest will no longer disappear if a friend Teleports to you in the Moon Room.
  • Teleports have been added to the Crustacean Empire area.
  • Combat
  • Boys should sound like boys when they take damage, and girls should once again sound like girls.
  • Earthquake will no longer remove Stun Shields.
  • Quests
  • Players will no longer be required to complete a series of side quests to enter the Dojo for the Obsidian Chest Quest called Wizard Tours.
  • Other
  • We have decreased the side to side movement of the shark mount.

  • Questions:
    I don't have any questions. Don't forget to be sending those in. Thanks for reading, everyone.