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Monday, January 4, 2010

Meet Megan FrostWeaver!

Megan FrostWeaver is my first wizard that I have taken seriously. I came about to making her in an odd way, actually. My friend joined Wizard101 b/c I suggested it. She made an ice wizard and wanted me to also have an ice wizard. Reluctantly, I made one and named her Megan FrostWeaver. I ran around with my friend through Unicorn Way, until she made a some new wizards that I like to call "Melissa RoseSong and Co." I never really came to memorize the other's names b/c she never played them. Soon I forgot my poor first wizard, Destiney EmeraldSmith. Soon, I bought myslef a membership and sped through the rest of Wizard City and Krokotopia. Not to late after that, Megan rough-housed her way through Marleybone, just barely sliding past Meowiarty and his Wraith and Clockwork Wizard guards in Big Ben. Now she is in MooShu. Oops, I said too much, more about that later.




  1. Megan Frostweaver is UGLY!!!!!!

  2. You can have your opinion, I can have mine. I made Megan when I was on a creative streak.