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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Celestia is out on Live Realm. Megan (Level 49) has only ventured through the first few quests of the Survey Camp. I prefer to avoid the opening crowd, though I have heard it could help me out. Celestia is evidently a ton easier with a group.
Megan is working in Ravenscar instead. After I get her through Ravenscar, I plan on doing more Dragonspyre and Mooshu quests.

Kymma is now Level 26 and has just started questing in Vigrid Roughland. Yep, seeing a lot of Grizzleheim nowadays. After she finishes up Vigrid Roughland, she will wrap up working through the sidequests in Temple of Storms before moving on to Marleybone. I figure I will make both Kymma, Megan, and my two new wizards Grandmaster before seriously questing in CL.

Speaking of my two new wizards, I have a new storm wizard names Llewella StormHand who I plan on questing together with my new balance, Molly DuneFist. Paying for two accounts may be stretching my budget a bit, but I'll have to deal.

Lately in the news:
I'm sure you've heard about the $39 Gamestop cards that are supposed to come out tomorrow, so I won't get into that.
Also, over on Central the news was let out that the Wizard101 Wikia is relocating to Wizard101 Central! Two great sources of info in one place. :D
KI also released KIFREEGAMES.COM! I haven't got to play much so I can't tell you much, yet.

I only have one question today from a wizard named Connor Foeblade:

Hey missunderstood! im a level 22 firewizard and yestrda my freind showed me a col spell it was a giant elefant tat like hit u. what is it?

I believe the spell you are talking about is the fire spell Helephant. It does 625-705 fire damage to one enemy and can be trained from Dalia Falmea in the fire school at Level 42. Thanks nfor the question!

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