What school class(es) of wizard(s) do you have??

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Megan Frostweaver:

Megan recently made level 37. She defeated Plague Oni and is running around Village of Sorrow. She may begin questing with one of her friends from W101C.


I made a new Fire wizard named "Kymma" she is currently level 10, questing in Firecat Alley.

Nora Hawkfountain:

I also made a new Storm wizard, Nora Hawkfountain, after deleting my previous Storm, Laura Owlbright. She is level 2 in Unicorn Way.

I decided to add alternate info so that you can friend me on various sites(After you follow me, of course! lol).

W101C: AnimagiGirl

Diary of a Wizard ConnectX: Megan Frostweaver

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